The “Association for Management and Conservation of Biodiversity in Agricultural Ecosystems” - "TYTO", was founded in July 2020 by 8 professionals specialized in diverse scientific fields, such as Ecology and Wildlife Management, Sustainable Management of Rural Environment, Biology, Agronomy, Soil, Landscape Architecture, Finance, Communication - Awareness and Education, bringing to “TYTO” their significant experience. The common interests shared by the scientific team, focus on the research and implementation of solutions for sustainable agricultural management and the protection of biodiversity. 
"TYTO" is a Civil Non-Profit Organization that was legally founded in 2020 based in Larissa. here.


Our mission is to reconnect agricultural management with biodiversity conservation and wildlife.

  • We respect life

We respect the diversity of each agricultural area, and each farmer. Agriculture means life. We respect the biodiversity, nature, and wildlife that is "hosted" in the rural landscape. They keep agriculture alive and resilient; they bring balance and secure the future.

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  • We change the mentality

We strive to create a new perception with “green”, innovative practices:

   -We highlight the benefits for biodiversity

   -We promote a new sustainable economic model for agriculture

   -We produce added value for the natural environment, the farmers, and agricultural products

  • We cooperate and collaborate

We openly work with all interested parties involved. Farmers, agricultural cooperatives, local community, young professionals, Local and Regional Government, environmental bodies, scientific / research bodies, organizations, institutions in Greece and abroad and the State:

The productive forces that work through synthesis will lead to the creation of a sustainable future.

  • We monitor all developments, we remain vigilant

We are constantly monitoring developments, new trends and policies at national and European level, for the interaction and coexistence of agriculture and biodiversity. We stay informed, we are going under continuous trainings, we redefine our strategy based on new needs. The new challenges as they are formed rapidly, require our unwavering attention

  • We participate in policy making

We participate in agricultural and environmental policy-making processes, we evaluate, we intervene, we inform the stakeholders and the State, we analyze the data, we synthesize the knowledge, we propose. We co-shape the future with dialogue, transparency and trust.

  • We promote Research and Science

We explore the complex processes that determine an ever-changing ecosystem such as the agricultural one, and the interaction of agricultural practices with the natural elements of the agricultural landscape, biodiversity indicators, and especially wildlife. Science and knowledge are the key to a truly sustainable management.


To be pioneers in shaping a sustainable agricultural management model in the 21stο century, in the context of which biodiversity conservation will provide improved ecosystem services to society, will add value to agricultural products, and combine the two great challenges of our time: Sustainable agriculture and halt biodiversity loss.



Upon its founding in 2020, TYTO was awarded the 1st prize in the Green Ideas Greece competition organized for the first time in Greece by Higgs and Human Rights 360 organization and the support of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund

TYTO also excelled in the Balkan competition Balkan Ideas Greece 2020. The Association was also selected and participated in the 13th Accelerator program of Higgs. During this 6-month long program the members of the team attended specialized training and consulting courses for Non-Profit Civil Society Organizations.

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